PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has accomplished a great feat by crossing the 5 million mark within 3 months of its launch on Xbox One, and the team behind the game has announced certain treats for the players to commemorate the occasion.

Utilizing user feedback, the game has already received a number of upgradations, with the ninth optimization patch being released on 2nd March, which has improved vehicle feedback, sound effects, matchmaking and more. The team has also shared with its gamers the spring development roadmap with details on what they can expect to see in the weeks to come, including the release of the 2nd map, Miramar.

To kick off the list of treats, the game debuted today a new video asset for PUBG featuring some of its gamers as a form of appreciation for gameplay stories and moments in PUBG shared by the gamers.

Pubg5 Jacket

In an infographic meant for sharing, the creators are also celebrating interesting gamer achievements in the three months since its launch.

Finally, users will receive from creators an exclusive free cosmetic item, the PUBG5 jacket. It will be made available to all players who own and have activated a character in the game on Xbox One as of March 22, 2018, at 12:01 AM PST.