Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE 2 was supposedly unveiled by a video reported on Thursday. The video showcases the flagship which looks quite similar to Apple’s iPhone X, except that it looks smaller. Also, the handset sports a flattened aluminum that resembles the current iPhone SE. The front has an “all-screen” design with a notch that is again in resemblance to the iPhone X model. Furthermore, just like iPhone X, the Apple iPhone SE 2 has a vertically oriented dual-lens camera on its backside. As apparent in the video, the phone is shown to be operational and probably runs iOS. However, there’s a hitch to it all.

The Apple iPhone SE 2 shown in the video is probably a fake as the design of the phone doesn’t fall in line with all the information updates to date. Given that the phone in the video is indeed a fake, this brings a sigh of relief for the Apple team as the new iPhone flagship is still on its leash then, waiting to be launched officially and rightfully by the very team that came up with it.

Reasons corroborating the spuriousness of the phone are among many, that the phone in the video looks much more like the current flagship from 2016, rather than resembling the iPhone X model. While it is not entirely implausible that Apple might eventually appropriate its iPhone design in line with all price points, but as in the immediate now, it’s a far cry. What’s more, the much-talked-about “notched” display design worked by Apple might just be a stopgap solution that might be taken off within a year.

The design of the phone in the video looks rather make-believe as per its low cost. Although a reasonably priced phone, its TrueDepth camera and sensor solution is costly. The iPhone X is priced at a starting cost $1,000, for reasons such as the expensive and flexible OLED display panel and the pricey stainless steel, Apple used instead of aluminum. The components of the true depth camera are perhaps of high cost too. As Apple can’t make a phone that is compatible with Face ID without these components, which too involves new technology and high price at least for now, the phone in the video might not be the genuine iPhone SE 2.

Further evidence in line of expensive components is that, first, the dual camera on the back of this touted iPhone SE 2 is also very pricey, from the fact that the dual cameras on both iPhone X or even iPhone 8 are very expensive. Second, the SE 2 model requires 3GB of RAM. Third, it is rather incredible that Apple would release an entry-level iPhone boasting of a dual camera when even the slightly old model of iPhone 8 doesn’t have it.

So far so good, but things get tricky here. Reports also claim that some iPhone SE 2 sketches validate the authenticity of the design. And then, the video emerged, with the phone popped up in the video almost exactly resembling the design in the sketches.

Here are the sketches of the current iPhone SE on the left, and the supposed iPhone SE as shown in the right. For all the iPhone fans out there, it’s up to them to verify whether the handset in the video is the real one, or a fake. Heads up!