Google Play is used by the Android users all over the world. It’s the one-stop station to discover the latest games. Statistically, the number of Android users who have used Google Play to download games has doubled over past one year.

Now, to make things even easier, Google has decided to redesign the Google Play Games app. A new “Arcade” tab is going to be introduced in the application that will let the users check the game video trailers out. They can now find a particular type of game, easily, just by using the tags like “New” or “Action”. News and YouTube videos, related to the favorite games will be made available in the app as well. These are expected to help the users in understanding the games & learn new tricks.

Google is also introducing the Google Play Instant. Google Play Instant lets the users to simply jump in and get engaged. The users can just tap and try a game without having downloaded them. Google Play Instant can be used in both the Google Play Store and Google Play Games app. It can be used with the shared game links as well. The users can check these brand new features out right from today. Initially, a handful of games have already been made available to be played instantly on more than 1 billion Android devices all around the globe. More games will be included in the coming weeks.