The very recent incident in which “Uber drones crashed into pedestrians” is assumed to have slowed the way the driverless car exposure was accelerating by creating some sort of negative impact but it certainly has not affected Apple ‘s driverless car testing. The British “Financial Times” has reported that Apple has successfully tested a lot of unmanned cars in California & in this process, they have left behind the likes of Tesla and Uber.

Apple Self Driving CarThe California Motor Vehicle Authority has revealed that, till now, Apple driverless car test has successfully tested 45 Apple driverless cars on the public roads of California. It is a huge improvement, given the fact that the number was around 27 just a few months ago. This project was initiated by Apple almost a year ago, with three unmanned vehicles being successfully tested on public roads.

According to the “Financial Times”, with 45 tested vehicles, Apple now tops the chart, that has Tesla & Uber at the second & third place with 39 and 29 tested vehicles respectively. Since obtaining the permission to test unmanned vehicles on public roads, Apple has accelerated things for sure. A few people have claimed to have seen “Apple Unmanned Vehicles” on the road, as well. They have claimed to see those unmanned SUV vehicles of Apple to be equipped with some sort of white laser radar device.

Though Apple CEO, Tim Cook once had publicly expressed his interest in the unmanned driving systems, Apple is yet to officially reveal any sort of plans. The critics do expect Apple to bring many more surprises in terms of driverless technology.