Huawei smartphone with model number NEO-AL00 packs 6GB and 512GB storage

Mar 21, 2018, 11:40 am

Aniruddha P.

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Huawei’s new smartphone NEO-AL00, showing up on TENAA last month is likely to get a storage enhancement. During its first appearance, specs and images weren’t added to the listing of TENAA. The updates have come earlier in March.

Accordingly, the smartphone is supposed to offer 6GB RAM and 512GB ROM! So far, 256GB is the highest storage offered by a smartphone, and Huawei is on course to change that. Well, Samsung in December 2017 announced on starting mass production of smartphones with 512GB storage solution. We have to wait and see how this new race plays out in the coming future.

Now, Huawei is known to provide enterprise-standard storage solutions, but they don’t yet have an in-house mobile storage production facility. This could be a good chance for Samsung to gain into the race banking on its longer and more expansive run of establishment in the market as compared to Huawei. Furthermore, there are no other details revealed about NEO-AL00.

Recent rumors suggest that this could be a concept device bearing the Huawei Mate X brand. It is as well supported by company trademarking the ‘MateX’ under the smartphone category in Europe last month.

Stay with us for the next update on Huawei as it surfaces.

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