Xiaomi’s Official Video Teaser showcases the smart unlock feature of Mi Mix 2S

Mar 22, 2018, 11:15 am

Shweta B.

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Smart Unlock is an AI-based Face Unlock Feature – featured in the second video teaser on the official website of Xiaomi; following the first teaser that was reminiscent of the Hollywood flick Pacific Rim.

AI is quickly becoming a must-have component for both flagships and medium-range phones of almost every smartphone manufacturing company. Not sure how AI and face-recognition based unlock work together? The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S video teaser video will show you how.

This facial unlock feature would be so smart that no external feature, like that of beard, accessories or even age of the original user will affect the face recognition process. It will only focus on the facial contours.

In case it does fail, the chance of which is very low given the AI compatibility, there will be other traditional unlocking options as well such as pin and pattern. Another interesting unlocking method that this phone is supposed to include is a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

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