Exclusively “Made in India” iPhone SE 2 global launch postponed by the government

Mar 23, 2018, 3:20 pm

Moupiya D.

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According to the report that claims that Apple iPhone SE 2 will be produced exclusively in India, the global launch has been delayed by the government and the reasons are still unknown. The “Made in India” smartphone will also be assembled in India by Wistron.

As the report claims that the debut of the new iPhone on the Field day event will not be seen due to certain restrictions and governmental policies. The educational event is more focused to launch new iPads and Macs rather than the iPhone, which is unlikely to feature at the event.

At present, the iPhone SE 2 is produced both in China and India for the global supply. It is recently known that Apple has taken to diversify its product lines with the expansion into India. The device will be assembled in the Wistron facility that allows the governmental policies to stand in the way of a worldwide product launch.

To highlight the novelty’s specs, Apple iPhone SE 2 will come with the A10 processor, and 2GB of RAM, packed with 32 or 128 GB of internal storage. It is expected that the iPhone SE 2 will have the same A11 Bionic which was debuted in iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It will have a glass back and a similar iPhone X notch design. The iPhone SE 2 is expected to price around $400.

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