Alipay to revise loyalty point rules starting April 1

Mar 24, 2018, 8:45 am

Shweta B.

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Using Alipay makes you eligible for Alipay loyalty points, which may be used to rank up or cashed in for various products or benefits.

Today, Saturday, 24 March, the Alibaba Alipay App announced that the rules for the distribution of membership and loyalty points are to be adjusted from April 1, 2018.

According to this announcement, starting from April 1, members with a monthly average of over 1,000 yuan are eligible to earn points, getting 1 point for every 150 yuan purchase value. There will be two tiers of monthly loyalty point limits, 1500 points and 500 points, based on the loyalty circle.

Alipay also gave a reminder to its customers that points earned through the loyalty circles such as regular, fund, gold, and balance treasure will be issued by the 1st – 5th of the month following the purchase.

The new rule will separate the treasure balance, before sharing the residue of 2000 points with other financial services. As per the new rules, balance treasure has to remain a minimum of 500 points.

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