Twitter in Windows 10 gets updated from UWP to PWA, featuring push notifications

Twitter Windows 10 Update

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Twitter finally gets its Windows app updated! It was a long time coming, being in the UWP version and missing several features. One, like, tweets were limited to 180 characters!

Not anymore! The new update not just takes it to PWA, but as well gets new features, ultimately being refined. It looks like the mobile PWA version of Twitter and has received push notifications.


Other features include character increase, bookmarking tweets, the latest change to the timeline algorithm, and more. Live tiles aren’t supported yet, like a few other improvements, but it’s ensured now that they are coming. The best part is that now it has become a PWA. This means that the Twitter Windows 10 update version will now be getting updated as the mobile website automatically.

Kyle Pflug of Microsoft Edge said that the Spring Creators Update of Windows 10 will bring more features to the Twitter app. The new Twitter PWA is presently being rolled out, receiving which might make you reauthenticate your account, and you are all set.

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Via: Windows Central

Twitter in Windows 10 gets updated from UWP to PWA, featuring push notifications