iPhone X “Pay With a Message” Ad Demonstrates Paying With Apple Pay Cash

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Apple debuted a new Apple iPhone X ad earlier this week where paying a friend has got easier with Apple Pay Cash which uses Face ID for authentication purposes. Last Thursday, Apple released the advertisement for Apple Pay which was called the “Fly Market”. In the clip, a man danced through the open air in the market and purchased using Face ID and Apple Pay on his iPhone X. Later in this weekend a continuation of the video of 15 seconds duration was released were the same man focused on Apple Pay’s peer-to-peer payment feature Apple Pay Cash.

This short clip is called “Pay with a Message”, where the man in the Fly Market takes a glance at his friend’s pocket square and is impressed by it. So using the Apple Pay Cash app within iMessage on his iPhone X, he texts his friend $17. After this, the pocket square disappears from his friend’s jacket and transfers into his own.

Apple Pay Cash was not ready for use when iPhone X launched in early November. Though it was originally unveiled at WWDC as an iOS 11 feature, it was not available until iOS 11.2, which was released last December. The feature is amazing and very convenient as it enables payment between friends and helps to pay in stores and in-app with a virtual debit card.

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Before the “Fly Market” video, Apple’s last Face ID-focused video was called “Unlock.” Here a woman discovered that unlocking her iPhone meant unlocking everything around her-including lockers, cabinets, doors, etc.
With days going by, Apple is no doubt surprising its users with many exciting surprises. And now with Apple Pay Cash, paying friends are both secure and easy.

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