There is going to be more local news on Facebook News Feed, all over the world

Facebook Local News

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News that is local helps people connect with the happenings closer home. Earlier this year, Facebook announced the prioritizing of local news in the US. This enabled people to come across topics having a direct impact on their society. They would also be able to discover the important happenings in their locality.

Facebook has now decided to follow the same update for the users across the world, in all languages. News Feed on Facebook from local sources would cover news from the current city of the users and other cities they are interested in.


Local Publishers would find this update helpful because it will let them reach out to a wider audience. A publisher will be treated as local to multiple cities if the people in such cities are more likely to read articles from the publisher’s domain, in comparison to other cities. The conception of Facebook local news for the users is thereby expanded.

Facebook has promised to prioritize high-quality news in their News Feed, sources that are trustworthy and with proper information of use to local communities. Facebook eyes improvement and expansion of these updates throughout this year.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

There is going to be more local news on Facebook News Feed, all over the world