The Boring Company of Elon Musk was formed to dig a tunnel escaping the Los Angeles traffic. They are now into flamethrowers starting to ship in May. That’s not all, folks!

Elon via Twitter announced the next venture of the company, and that concerns Lego-like building bricks made out of tunneling rock. The first set will be themed on the highly cultured ancient Egyptian civilization!

This includes not just the pyramids, but as well Sphynx and Temple of Horus that you can build using the bricks. That’s a lot of pieces needed, Elon!

The Boring Company new project announcement tweet also includes ‘Lifesize’ that hints some expectation of the ‘sculptures & buildings’ to be ‘created’ that would be ‘super strong’ and ‘so not heavy!’ Let the visions of the real-life Iron Man be real, is what we say.

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