Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 19,562,238
    Confirmed: 19,562,238
    Active: 6,279,432
    Recovered: 12,558,412
    Death: 724,394
  • USA 5,095,748
    Confirmed: 5,095,748
    Active: 2,314,186
    Recovered: 2,617,458
    Death: 164,104
  • Brazil 2,967,064
    Confirmed: 2,967,064
    Active: 798,968
    Recovered: 2,068,394
    Death: 99,702
  • India 2,091,416
    Confirmed: 2,091,416
    Active: 619,699
    Recovered: 1,429,100
    Death: 42,617
  • Russia 882,347
    Confirmed: 882,347
    Active: 177,286
    Recovered: 690,207
    Death: 14,854
  • South Africa 545,476
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 545,476
    Active: 140,808
    Recovered: 394,759
    Death: 9,909
  • Mexico 469,407
    Confirmed: 469,407
    Active: 104,710
    Recovered: 313,386
    Death: 51,311
  • Peru 463,875
    Confirmed: 463,875
    Active: 128,894
    Recovered: 314,332
    Death: 20,649
  • Chile 368,825
    Confirmed: 368,825
    Active: 16,699
    Recovered: 342,168
    Death: 9,958
  • Spain 361,442
    Confirmed: 361,442
    Active: 332,939
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,503
  • Iran 322,567
    Confirmed: 322,567
    Active: 24,711
    Recovered: 279,724
    Death: 18,132
  • UK 309,005
    Confirmed: 309,005
    Active: 262,494
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,511
  • Saudi Arabia 285,793
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 285,793
    Active: 33,752
    Recovered: 248,948
    Death: 3,093
  • Pakistan 283,487
    Confirmed: 283,487
    Active: 17,815
    Recovered: 259,604
    Death: 6,068
  • Bangladesh 252,502
    Confirmed: 252,502
    Active: 103,585
    Recovered: 145,584
    Death: 3,333
  • Italy 249,756
    Confirmed: 249,756
    Active: 12,924
    Recovered: 201,642
    Death: 35,190
  • Turkey 238,450
    Confirmed: 238,450
    Active: 11,063
    Recovered: 221,574
    Death: 5,813
  • Germany 216,315
    Confirmed: 216,315
    Active: 9,661
    Recovered: 197,400
    Death: 9,254
  • France 197,921
    Confirmed: 197,921
    Active: 84,761
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,324
  • Canada 118,985
    Confirmed: 118,985
    Active: 6,580
    Recovered: 103,435
    Death: 8,970
  • China 84,596
    Confirmed: 84,596
    Active: 839
    Recovered: 79,123
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 57,501
    Confirmed: 57,501
    Active: 51,347
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,154
  • Australia 20,697
    Confirmed: 20,697
    Active: 9,099
    Recovered: 11,320
    Death: 278
  • S. Korea 14,562
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,562
    Active: 629
    Recovered: 13,629
    Death: 304
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 23
    Recovered: 1,524
    Death: 22

Hire the best talent in your location with AceBy, world’s first location-based job sharing app

Author at TechGenyz Apps
AceBy Mobile App

Companies spend billions of dollars all across the world to find the right talent for their company and most importantly their HR budget go waste since sometimes they put their effort hiring the wrong candidate. By the end of 2017, global talent acquisition and staffing technology services market valued over US$ 87 billion which is projected to expand at a value CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period 2017-2027.

AceBy is the first ever job sharing mobile app that provides location-based peer to peer projects to be placed by employers and to be completed by freelancers. It is the online platform dedicated to keeping every possible professional aspect convenient for both employers and freelancers. The easy UI of the app makes it equally attractive for both iOS and Android users in the professional spectrum.

Rolling out projects and making space for more right on your palm can’t have been easier for employers. No more of the tedious going over the CVs or taking interviews to choose the right talents. The mobile app leads you right to the herd of talents within your location.

If you are an employer, post your project for free and receive bids to choose from. The app accumulates talents from various fields but based out in your location, providing you with the chance to pick exactly the one/s you require to get your project done. It is possible to get your works completed at fixed rates. The best part: you only get to pay if you are cent percent satisfied.

AceBy makes it simplified for employers to finish projects in time, with efficiency and of course within budget. Remain updated on every move of your freelancer relevant to your project via communication over the chat messenger. Last but not the least, enjoy ensured securely held payments.

That’s not all, but the platform has goodies for job-seekers too. Save your travel expenses (and time), and skip those mundane researches to earn your living. Relax on your couch and pull up your mobile to bid on the project that’d perfectly show off your skills. Enjoy the freedom and make it a long-lasting and incremental source of your income, right on your palm.

If you are a freelancer who wants the comfort of home and the works right under your fingertips, joining the mobile app will get you to earn loads. At the same time, you get to choose to work on your favorite projects that are well compensated as well as challenging, and that which let you explore your talents and sharpen your skills. Never run out of chances to offer your service to a chosen employer within your location, and work wherever and whenever you like.

AceBy invites freelancers to join the refreshing cult of job flexibility surpassing a fixed 9-to-5 monotony. Alongside choosing your time and place of work, you as well pick projects to bid on that suit your skills. Communicate with your employer via chat and see your payment uploaded in escrow before starting work. You as well get to receive all tax filing documents at the end of each year.

Ultimately, your work environment will include your home or any other of your favorite places to work, alongside the freedom of time; be it you an employer or a freelancer. Complementing such benefits are you staying protected by a secure freelance platform that’s ideal for both the parties. Consistent precision in realizing the given freedoms will present you with an organized financial flow in the long run, embraced incomplete job satisfaction. The app is available for both Android and iOS version in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.