Google to Block Access to “uncertified” Android Devices, Including Account and Apps

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Since last week Google has been blocking out users from accessing “uncertified” Android devices by blocking their Google account sign-in with an error message. As per the latest confirmation, this is a deliberate behavior on the part of Google.

According to Google’s official statement, Certified Android devices provide consistent app experiences using the Google Play Store, including security benefits by Google Play Protect. Some manufacturers are building and selling “uncertified” devices, and Google will take strict action against such activities.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, the reasons for not becoming a Google Mobile Services partner would be as follows:

  • Not having to meet the security protocol.
  • Not having to meet the compatibility requirements.
  • Not undergoing necessary tests.
  • Cost-cutting and selling as much as possible in as little time as possible.

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This might also happen if the user uses a custom ROM or the device bootloader is unlocked. There are ways to get by these issues, but they don’t come easy.

There is an exemption allowed by Google to bypass the error message barrier that it has set up. The user must submit a ‘Google Services Framework ID’, a unique identifier generated by Google Play Services, to sign in to the device. Google allows a maximum of 100 “custom ROM” blocking exemptions per account, so in case the user factory resets the device, it gets deducted from those 100 allowances. As of yet, IMEI submissions are working, but soon they won’t.

Google wants to stop “gray market” Android devices come preloaded with unauthorized Google Apps packages. Devices such as these are common in several countries, and Google wants to push the manufacturers to receive the Google certification.

This bypassing is impossible for a country like China, which is one of the largest producers and consumers of such Google uncertified Android devices. Google’s apps and services are blocked throughout China, and blacklisted manufacturers might tempt users to use illegitimate third-party “Google App Loader” to get the new security measure adopted.

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