Orange, the Internet provider of Spain was given the task to connect 400 schools in Galicia with 500 Mbps internet access. It turned to Nokia for help in deploying microwave network in the region of 2.7 million people who are in need of reliable network access.

The region lacked in a proper telecommunications infrastructure, but Orange was able to provide fiber connections in areas possible. In the remaining areas, Nokia built an entirely new network based on microwave point-to-point connections.

Numerous factors made the establishment of this network challenging, but Nokia came up with drone solutions to make things productive in every aspect. The project has been completed with safety and cost-effectiveness, and before time.


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Orange faced the challenge of establishing an entire network of the schools from, which is the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain. They are running a program named Escuelas conectadas (schools connected) that’s supported by European Regional Development Fund.

Tourism is one of the significant aspects of Galicia, and the same is rejuvenated by the collaboration between Nokia and Orange to provide qualitative internet access in the area. On the other hand, Nokia, by using the UAVs has been able to remain committed to providing connectivity across the world.

Stay tuned to know more about contributions of the drone industry in social welfare as a long-term prospectus resource and for future generations.

Source: Nokia