Xiaomi plans to include in-display fingerprint scanner in upcoming flagships

Xiaomi Mi 7 In Display Fingerprint

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Recently everyone seems to go crazy over in-display finger print scanner when it comes to new smart phones on the market. The other thing that everyone thinks is trendy is, the use of the display notch but it is quite controversial. The first smartphone company to use the in-display fingerprint scanner was Vivo which released its Plus UD with Synaptics sensor. It was followed by Vivo X21 UD and Huawei Porshe Design Mate RS. Huawei Mate 10 and its successor Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also may feature such fingerprint scanner. However, when it comes to Xiaomi, it is expected that it might not be Xiaomi Mi 7 in display fingerprint scanner but another unreleased Xiaomi flagship.


The Xiaomi Mi 7 was supposed to launch as the first release of 2018 from Xiaomi but when the time came, the hype suddenly vanished and Xiaomi too did not release any phone on the market. An industry insider claimed that because the company could not finish the entire process of an in-display fingerprint scanner, they abandoned the idea and instead released Mi MIX 2S. But again reports came out due to some apparent evidence that Xiaomi is again thinking of including a display notch and an in-display feature in its upcoming flagship.

Two firmware branches were released called the dipper and the dipperold. The dipper and the dipperold are code names for Mi7 and scrapped Mi7 prototype devices respectively. Xiaomi might have some plans for including the in-display fingerprint sensor but abandoned it in mid-development. It is hoped that it may reappear on the market. The second Xiaomi device is codenamed Ursa. It will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and have 4000 mAh for battery capacity, an OLED display with a notch. While Ursa may not be the next Mi 7 Plus but it is guaranteed that Xiaomi will release a new flagship with an in-display sensor.

Via: XDA Developers

Xiaomi plans to include in-display fingerprint scanner in upcoming flagships