The companies that launch new apps, they as obvious, will want positive feedback from the users. This can happen only if the new app can get validated by the users and is working perfectly. The app makers are always tensed about the disclosure concerns and every time they have to control the announcement timing of new products. So the testing of the new product is important without having to make the product visible to new public eyes. Microsoft has recently launched a solution for this so that both the developers and the users remain happy with their works and products.


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Microsoft has recently added a new private audience capability in its Dev center. It will allow the app developers to minimize or rather restrict the visibility of the new app. The developers can control how many people and who can see their product. It would not go beyond that point even if the user has a direct link to the Microsoft store listing. The private audience membership can be arranged directly in the Dev center without any kind of hassle. Users with an authenticated Microsoft account will be able to see the app in the Microsoft store. However, it will not bar the users from leaving a review.

The reviews will be left in the Microsoft store private audience setting and will be visible in the Dev center but would not appear in the store listing. With Microsoft private audience, the developers will have to go to the Microsoft Visibility section of the pricing and availability page of the submission page and select the setting of their choice. It will also let the developers add package flights to deliver new builds to a subset of that audience. They can select gradual rollout to roll out new builds.

Source: Windows