Xiaomi AI Translator supporting 14 languages will go on sale starting April 10th in China

Xiaomi AI Translator

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Xiaomi is known for its budget smartphones, but its ecosystem also includes other innovative products from its subsidiaries. But while the miscellaneous products are usually of high quality and come with aggressive price tags, its latest product, an AI translator with support for 14 languages, comes with great features at a surprisingly affordable price of 299 Yuan (approx $49 / Rs. 3,000).

Xiaomi has launched a number of products which are exclusive to China, and the AI translator can be added to that ever-widening list. Announced at the 2018 Xinzhiyuan AI Technology Summit held in Beijing, China, the translator has an amazingly sleek and sturdy design and an aluminum body. Its anterior features four physical buttons for volume up, volume down, translation, and listening to the user’s feed.


A single loudspeaker, a mic, and a USB Type-C port for charging are among its other features. The Xiaomi AI Translator has a number of advanced features based on Xiaomi AI, and the fact that the company is not selling any services accounts for the fact that users have to pay only Rs. 3,000 and get lifetime free translations. It can also read out the news & weather conditions from its current location, and help the user learn foreign languages.

The Xiaomi AI Translator shall go on sale in China on 10th April 2018.

Via: PhoneRadar

Xiaomi AI Translator supporting 14 languages will go on sale starting April 10th in China