Paytm gets a new look, now becomes more personalized and user-friendly

Paytm New Look

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Paytm, the Indian e-payments and e-commerce brand has rolled out a brand new look for their app. Recently, in the official blog of the company, Paytm announced,

We are excited to unveil an all new Paytm experience for you-your Paytm App has now become more personalized, user-friendly and intuitive!. – Paytm blog

Company revamped some of the sections –

The Home Screen :

Having seen the new app, the first-look goes to the Home Screen straightaway. A fresh, crisp look now can be seen on the Home screen of the App. Some minor changes have been done to the User Interface (UI) which makes it look more simpler and convenient.


The app will now display on those categories at front-line which have been mostly used and rest of the options will be hidden under the ‘View All’ button below the second row. Hence, your personalized most used categories can be checked at a lesser time now. Through the one-touch quick payment option, all the payments can be done right from the Recent Payments section which is present on the home screen itself.

Money Transfer :

Through the money transfer option, transferring money has become hassle-free irrespective of the user’s bank account and that too without paying a single penny. To make faster repeat payments a new feature called “beneficiaries” has been included in the app now.

Passbook :

The old passbook now comes with a modernistic look which lets you see all your different Paytm accounts whether it is a savings account, Fixed Deposit, UPI, Wallet or anything.

Profile Section :

Talking about the Profile Section, the QR code in it gives more functionality to the user. Now any person, under your contact-list can reach you with the help of your QR code.

Even the inbuilt scanner got upgraded. All the scanning histories have been made visible in this new version. As of now, only the iOS version is available in the market though Paytm has assured to launch the Android version very soon.

Paytm gets a new look, now becomes more personalized and user-friendly