A Reddit user, nbsp, has discovered a few lines from the Chromium boards.yaml file that says a name and mentions a screen resolution for a Chromebook and the resolution in question is 3840 x 2160, which is 4a K resolution, for a device codenamed ‘Atlas’. The following is the section that mentions the new codename and resolution:


# 3840×2160, boots recovery image on USB ports.

screen: [3840, 2160]

sdcard: False

hi_res: [en, es-419, pt-BR, fr, es, it, de, nl, da, nb, sv, ko, ja, id,  th, ar, ms, zh-CN, zh-TW, fi, pl]

The report surrounding high-end Chromebook with excellent specs began back in February this year, and a commit from the Chromium Gerrit mentioned “secret upcoming 4K Chromebooks”. While these were unverified until recently, the newly unearthed information has paved the way for high-end Chromebooks. Chromebooks, which are generally meant to target low prices, do not require high-end displays. However, some users do want Chromebooks to be made available with the best possible specs; and ‘Atlas’ can be said to foreshadow the beginning of Google’s plan to bring a high-end Chrome OS/Android Tablet to the market.

Chrome OS has been receiving continual Android features every month, and Acer has announced the first Chrome OS Tablet this March. While a Google Chromebook with a 4K display at Google I/O is anticipated to be launched this year, nothing can be guaranteed about it yet.