A smart assistant is like a virtual robot that does stuff for you while residing inside your smartphone. These days there is a lot going around the smart assistants. They can do a ton of different tasks. You can ask them to say a joke to you and they will happily do it for you. Not just that since these devices are also embedded into a device that makes the whole world smart so they can even order things for you from Amazon.

All these smart assistants work on the concept of artificial intelligence which means the more users use it, the better it keeps becoming.

At present, there are a total of 3 major giants in technology that are behind the smart assistants. They are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Interestingly all these assistants are made on the same logic, they just differ when it comes to protocols.

All these smart assistants are alerted when we speak the cue words which are very simple and they basically wake up the assistant so that they can take our command. All you have to do is just say Hey Alexa, ok Google or just Hey Siri.

Comparing Smart Assistants – Infographic

Infographic by Techiespad:

When it comes to working, the approach is always the same. The difference only comes in some of the protocols and ethics that each of the assistants has set for themselves. When you utter any query, it directly goes to the smartphone where it is dissected or rather broken down into small packets and sent to the server. At the server, the words are then analyzed by the algorithm which tries to understand some meaning out of it. Once the meaning is understood then the best or rather most relevant response is figured out and sent to the user.

The above infographic is an excellent example of how all three best smart assistants stand side by side as per their responses.

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