Microsoft brings new Teams and Skype integration feature for business admin center

Apr 5, 2018, 12:30 pm

Aniruddha P.

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IT admins can now better manage different aspects of Microsoft Teams and Skype to proceed with services of a business. Microsoft bought all Skype capabilities to Teams, and came up with the new Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center.

This portal is offering a ‘unified’ experience in managing both Teams and Skype for Business. It will as well consist of Call Quality Dashboard and Call Analytics. Admins will be able to manage Teams settings on user level and will receive end-to-end insights.

Teams messaging policy is one of the features the new portal brings. It lets you create custom policies related to messages for the users. Furthermore, admins can assign policies and configure users via the User management feature.

Microsoft Teams guest messaging settings enable your control over messaging capabilities of guest accounts in Teams. Federation settings and Audio conferencing are two other features the new portal is providing.

Federation of Teams and Skype will be rolled out in stages, which means you may not see the settings presently. The Federation settings get admins to manage federation for tenants in Teams and Skype. Audio conferencing lets you configure dial-in numbers and settings for the two apps of Microsoft.

Stay tuned to know more of Microsoft’s upcoming features.

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