Tinder’s new two-second Loop allow you to add video profile picture

Apr 4, 2018, 7:40 pm

Moupiya D.

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Tinder is currently testing a two-second looping video feature for profiles that are similar to Boomerang and Facebook’s own profile videos.

Now we’ve got a whole new experience that’s really going to set your swipe game in motion: Tinder’s new two-second loops, where you can take any videos and create a loop from it. – Tinder

The company says it will evaluate how users respond to Loops before making a decision to roll it out to other markets and are currently being tested for iOS users in Canada and Sweden. The feature – “Loop” isn’t focused on traditional video, but rather on a shorter, almost GIF-like looping video format that’s been popularized by apps like Instagram’s Boomerang and, before that, Twitter’s Vine. The two seconds Loops can be flirty, fun, but no matter what, be you.

As the company says it decided to test videos, this could be used in favorite activities like shooting hoops or cliff jumping. More realistically, looping videos may better show people as they are not hidden behind a soft photo filter or snapped from a classic angle.

You can decide what to do with those precious two seconds? Well, you can of course loop it.

To try the new Tinder Loops feature, iOS users in the supported markets will be able to go to their profile to upload a video, then to the “Add Media” button. As the video is selected, you can drag the time strip to select the part you want to loop, then preview it, and later post it to your profile. Encouraging uploads of Loops, as users can enjoy the new feature, and not removing the old photos.

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