Google Chrome has already introduced the option to right click on the ‘back’ icon to see navigational history for its Desktop version a long time back. In the latest move, the extremely popular search engine is testing a similar feature for Chrome on Android, where users can long-press back button to see navigational history, apart from continuous attempts to improve its UX in Google Chrome, according to Chrome Gerrit. The feature, available only on mobiles, will be enabled via a Chrome flag.

The flag descriptions state that the feature includes “long press [of] the back button to display navigation history.” While it remains to be confirmed, the general assumption is that the new Chrome Duplex will be used to display the Chrome Navigation history. Be it as it may, this improvement can be seen as an attempt by Google Chrome to ensure smoother user experience.

Since this feature sounds quite similar to its Desktop counterpart, it is equally possible that the feature is displayed through a menu appearing at the top right or top left of the screen. Firefox for Android and Samsung Internet already boasts of the convenient long-press back button feature, and with its latest testing, Google Chrome for Android is all set to join the club.

Apart from this, a different commit has suggested that we may soon receive a feature allowing link dragging and dropping via a gesture. If the testing is successful, this feature shall be made available in the Canary version of Google Chrome in a month or two.

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