We ‘ve said it before, the era of foldable smartphones seems to actually break after years of development. Naturally, leading smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple are working on such designs, but Huawei and LG will also join in the battle.

So last week we came across a new design for a Huawei foldable smartphone. LG Electronics has also been granted several patents this year for foldable phone models. At the beginning of February, we reported on an LG foldable smartphone consisting of three displays.

LG patents foldable smartphone

This time, a foldable smartphone design pops up again in the WIPO database. The patent was requested by LG Electronics on September 28, 2016, and was made public today, April 5, 2018. The patent entitled ‘mobile terminal’ describes a smartphone with two displays, both of which consist of a flat display and a curved display.

LG Dual Display SmartphoneThe documentation speaks about the possibility of positioning the display on the inside or outside. On the majority of the illustrations, the displays are placed on the outside, technically this is probably easier to implement because of the relatively larger angle of rotation. Nevertheless, the screen will need extra protection from scratches and bumps.

Smartphone with dual battery and built-in fingerprint scanner

Different designs are shown. In all cases, the two housings are connected to one another at the top and bottom by means of a hinge. Because it is made of a curved display, additional functionalities can be displayed on the side of the phone, such as the date and time as well as various icons, including incoming messages and calls and a battery indicator.

Furthermore, the screen can be activated in parts, depending on the angle between the two displays. In the fully unfolded position, the user can use the two displays as one large screen. As soon as the device is folded slightly, the two displays will be able to function independently of each other. In addition, the user retains the ability to use the two displays as a kind of book, where you can easily turn a page.

LG Double Battery SmartphoneThe first display also has a built-in fingerprint scanner and a digital camera. The second housing also has a digital camera, this is a double camera or a 3D camera. Striking is the use of two batteries, both housings are provided with a battery. We never saw a foldable smartphone with two batteries.

Foldable LG smartphone with two headphone connections

The smartphone with dual battery focuses mainly on video, game and multimedia enthusiasts. It seems to be a kind of counterpart to the Samsung smartphone patented in December 2017. With the LG model, it is also possible to watch two different videos with two people. When the smartphone is fully opened, a different video can be shown on each display.

LG Dual Screen PhoneUsers can both set up a headset because the phone has a dual headphone connection. Both enclosures have one headset connection so that users can better shut themselves off from their environment and do not burden each other. For example, one user can play a music or make a phone call, with or without a video image, while the other user plays a video or views an incoming email notification.

The patent is not for nothing called “mobile terminal”, because outside a smartphone the patented technology can also be used on a tablet, laptop, multimedia player or wearable.

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