Samsung Gear S3 gets new update with battery life improvement and Bluetooth stability

Apr 6, 2018, 10:40 am

Aniruddha P.

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The last update of Samsung Gear S3 did improve battery life, but the brand had to postpone an original update for that. This further followed a revised version, and then the dedicated update for battery life improvement. Today, April 6, they came up with yet another update targeting the same.

The new Samsung Gear S3 update as well brings stability for Bluetooth connection. This will reduce the instances that users have to face where the connection between watch and phone becomes uneasy.

As for the battery life improvement, users are expected to understand the difference within a few days of installation. The update is being rolled out presently in the US and Canada. South Korea is as well receiving, with the firmware version R760XXU2CRC3. Other markets will receive the update soon.

You can now give a manual try and see if you’ve got the update! In the Samsung Gear app, you can go to Settings > About Gear > Update Gear software.

Samsung is one of the most happening tech leaders who is often coming up with updates with new features on gadgets to provide newer experiences for users. So, even if this update doesn’t bear a new feature, a bit more wait will be worth! Till then, you can enjoy the usefulness.

Check back again with us to get the next update from Samsung.

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