As per the latest reports, Twitter is going to bring some changes to its API. If this turns out to be true then it may cause a huge problem to the third-party apps like group DMs, polls, moments etc.

For past several years, Twitter had been hosting tons of third-party apps. These are used to push the users to their respective applications. A few years ago when the company instigated the token limit, this stopped some of the renowned users like Flamingo, all of a sudden. Last year in the month of December the online news and social networking site, Twitter announced that they will stop all the streaming API in June 2018 which are running currently. This decision may affect the third-party Twitter clients like Twitterific, Talon, Tweetbot and Tweetings heavily as because of this some of the vital features like push notifications, auto refresh ability may just disappear.

In developers from Talon, Tweetbot posted some of the major concerns which may arise due to the upcoming changes in the API. Here are the details:

“The new Account Activity API is currently in beta testing, but third-party developers have not been given access and time is running out.

With access, we might be able to implement some push notifications, but they would be limited at the standard level to 35 Twitter accounts – our products must deliver notifications to hundreds of thousands of customers. No pricing has been given for Enterprise level service with unlimited accounts – we have no idea if this will be an affordable option for us and our users.

Automatic refresh of your timeline just won’t work: there is no web server on your mobile device or desktop computer that Twitter can contact with updates. Since updating your timeline with other methods is rate-limited by Twitter, you will see delays in real-time updates during sporting events and breaking news.”

Although this new Activity API, which is going to be implemented in future can bring luck to large companies, there is no hope for the small ones as Twitter has put restrictions on accessing it when it comes to the small developers. The developers are however given a 90-day notice by the company itself and they have even asked the developers to appeal for the bearable access.