Omni MedSci accuses Apple for infringing heart rate technology patent in Apple Watch

Heart Rate Technology Patent

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Omni MedSci, a technology-based startup focused on “near-infrared and mid-infrared broadband lasers” owned by Mohammed Islam, has accused Apple of patent infringement over its use of the heart rate technology used in the latest Apple Watch.

A detailed new report from Axios outline that the Michigan-based startup has accused the smart devices giant, Apple, of patent infringement by claiming that “Apple willfully infringed on three patents”. Omni MedSci had been in talks with Apple over the course of 2014 through 2016, but Apple ultimately ceased all talks of future partnerships shortly before introducing the technology allegedly covered by Omni MedSci’s patent.


Omni MedSci has filed a lawsuit against Apple at the notoriously patent-friendly Eastern district court of Texas, and is suing the conglomerate for an injunction as well as damages. Not only is the court home to a number of successful patent infringement cases, Omni MedSci’s owner, Mohammed Islam, is also known for greatly valuing the art of obtaining a patent; with an article from ‘Crain’s Detroit Business’, a local news outlet, calling him the ‘poster child’ for the patent profession.

“He’s founded six companies based on his patents. He teaches courses on the subject, showing University of Michigan engineering students the right and wrong ways to win patents. And he has collected more than 150 patents of his own, or so he thinks. “The last time I checked, in total, it was around 150. I lost count,” he said.”

While Apple has yet to comment on the allegations, it is well expected of the company to keep mum till the legal case proceeds.

Via: 9to5mac

Omni MedSci accuses Apple for infringing heart rate technology patent in Apple Watch