Elon Musk said via Twitter that SpaceX and Tesla are to go for testing their Hyperloop project, the super high-speed rail. It is supposed to reach the record-breaking mark of 1127 kmph, and full-speed brake to be completed within 1.2km distance.

Elon’s ever-evolving determination towards his projects is well known, and we’ve seen a similar enthusiasm in his recent tweets that talk about the Hyperloop. He remains the realist that he is and warns that the test may go wrong, with the vehicle turning to shredded metal. We hope the brand comes up with something that ensures success; the date for testing isn’t disclosed yet, not even a probability, but quite soon.

The predicted difficulty in the test does not suppress Musk’s spirit, whose aim is to “reach half the speed of sound within 1.2km.” This gets the pod to reach 383 mph, success on which will further lead the engineers to set their goal at reaching 700 mph.

First revealed in 2013 regarding the vision for the high-speed transport system, this is a ‘pusher vehicle’ of Elon Musk. It helped drive student pods without motors and enable those to reach high speeds in a contest last summer. During that time, it reached 220 mph and Musk says that the new changes after that are supposed to make it way faster.

Stay tuned to know the date and how it went, of Hyperloop test.