Good news for the gaming lovers, especially who are the Spider-Man fans. The Marvel superhero to be available on the PlayStation 4 from September 7. Though a lot has been revealed about the Insomniac title, now something fun is revealed about the game developer. In a rapid-fire interview, the Spider-Man creative director Brian Intihar was asked whether Spider-Man would show up in Kingdom Hearts. To this, he answered like a fanboy, “That’s like my dream.”

The game is coming in September, means tons of excitement with new information and footage dropping before then. Two of the alternate spider-man costumes have been shown off already, another will be revealed very soon with another to be launched in July.

Brian Intihar added in response to the collaboration of spider-man and Kingdom Hearts, “That’d be awesome. They’ve got to start putting the Marvel worlds in there, right? They’ve added the Pixar stuff, right, so we need Star Wars, we need Marvel.” He even replied in affirmative when suggested by the interviewer that Spider-Man must be featured in Disney XD as well.

That’d be awesome to have Sora dressed as Spider-Man! That’d be great. – Brian Intihar

This is no doubt an interesting proposition. Since both Marvel and Star Wars are owned by Disney, it is quite possible that both of them could feature in Kingdom Hearts someday.