All the smartwatch owners somehow or the other want to personalize their smartwatches. But it was not possible before or it required a lot of patience and hard work. The Chinese smartphone and watch manufacturing company Huawei has done that i.e they have released a new patent which is new smartwatch strap design. This new design will let the users change its strap quite easily and will enable them to personalize it according to their taste. This new patent was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization or better known as WIPO.

Huawei Watches
The new smartwatch deviates from the other conventional smartwatches which are now available everywhere in the market. In these old and quite boring old watches, a flat object is needed to pick out the hook at the edge of the strap. But it uses one of the techniques which are found in the regular smartwatches. The new smartwatch from Huawei builds on the quick release spring mechanism.

According to the new patent, the upcoming watch brand users can release spring into the watch and therefore does not necessarily need to be a part of the watch band. It makes the whole work much easier. If anyone wants to remove the watch band, all one needs to do is to depress two small buttons at the side of the housing and it will, in turn, compress the spring holding band to the housing.

It goes without saying that Huawei may never actually manufacture this particular design but, however, if this design is to be implemented it would allow any watch ban for a quick release. The mechanism that is described in the patent only works for watch bands which have a quick release mechanism built-in.