Google Images will soon have a new UI for web version, similar to its mobile

Apr 11, 2018, 6:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Last October, Google Images refined its interface on mobiles. The tech company is on the way to bring the same for the web version.

The new interface under testing mode looks a bit complicated, although it ‘mirrors the mobile UI.’ This means that each image preview will display a URL source and a short caption below.

This UI will have the images placed as per their aspect ratios instead of being made to fit in rows individually. There will as well be a ‘Related Searches’ box among image results, ensuring that you get more suggestions for your query.

Furthermore, the image viewer is receiving new changes too. Clicking on an image will open popups showing the image itself on the right, image details on the left, and related images below. There will be arrows on both sides providing small previews of images that you click on. Two circular buttons, ‘share’ and ‘menu’ are similar as found in the current mobile UI.

Stay tuned to get more insights on the new Google Images UI, such as release date and newer features.

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