Samsung’s Gear IconX boasts of some really cool features like cord-free ergonomic design, standalone music playback, automatic activity tracking, and a built-in Running Coach, and is ideal for users who are always on the go. To add to its list of efficiencies, Samsung has now announced a software update for the fitness-oriented earbuds, which will help users to maximize workouts by introducing new ways to customize their auditory experience and streamlining the way users choose to update their playlists.

Samsung Gear Icon X

As part of the update, the device’s new Equalizers now allow users to optimize audio frequency by choosing from five finely-tuned presets Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost. For its part, the ‘Ambient Sound’ function has been enhanced to allow the users to choose how much of the ambient sound they would like the earbuds to let in. This is a pretty important enhancement since, when outdoors, running or cycling, it will make it easier for users to pay attention to sounds around them. When indoors, this feature can help users to focus better on the voices around them if they choose to activate the ‘Voice Focus’ function.

The Gear IconX also helps users to focus solely on their workout by allowing standalone playback music and 4GB storage, so that users can enjoy the benefits of workout music without being distracted by notification on their phones. This benefit is enhanced by the fact that users can transfer one or more tracks to their earbuds wirelessly, thus doing away with the hassles of cables.

Gear IconX users can download the latest update via the Samsung Gear app.