There had been reports recently that Sony may come up with PlayStation 5 by this year, but that’s not really happening. Although it’s true that Sony is planning for a new console, it’ll take them at least 2019, or better, 2020 for the release.

Latest reports from Kotaku further adds that Sony PS5 will run games that can’t be played on PS4. This hints for a big step ahead for the entire gaming industry! Expect newer and better games, gamers.

Kotaku spoke with two unnamed developers who are familiar with Sony’s plans. Both of them said that the console will take 2019 at the earliest for release. Plans do change for projects such as this, and Sony would be on the lookout for the ideal time.

Being attentive to reports gives you that Sony provided the devkits of PS5 to several studios. According to a source, early devkits would find similarities with a PC, with test versions of CPU and GPU for the final product. This takes away the expected appearance of a PlayStation hardware for PS5.

Reports as well said that Sony is allowing only a few selected people to get their hands on the devkits, and has asked studios to lock those in a room. Therefore, not many in the developer studios are supposed to know about it all for now.

Sony may have an announcement of a hardware or at least a teaser of it by the coming June. So, stay tuned!