Apple’s watchOS 1 has its 4.3.1 beta include a warning message for the users regarding updating the related apps. The message says that support for watchOS 1 apps will be ending soon.

WatchOS UpdateAs a solution, it clearly states that the developers of the respective apps need to provide updates in order to improve compatibility. That’s an interesting way from Apple in conveying the message.

Tapping Ok after the message appears will get you to open the app normally. This concludes that beta 4.3.1 is compatible with the older Watch software.

Last November, Apple notified developers that it will not accept watchOS 1 app submissions in 2018. Starting April 1, they are required to use watchOS 2 development kit or later for building updates to existing apps. The new apps, on the other hand, are required to be coded with at least watchOS 4 or later.

Now, the Apple Watch has been starting to gain popularity, but major app makers have ‘abandoned development’ of the apps for the platform. Instagram started off this month by killing its app instead of rebuilding with watchOS 4 SDK.

We’re keeping a tab on what Apple brings next for its Wearable. Stay tuned!