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Huawei may bring world’s first foldable phone in November, beating Samsung in race

Apr 12, 2018, 1:46 pm

Samsung has been trying its hands over the development of a foldable phone perfectly for the past few years now, and has slated its announcement for early next year. Huawei on the other hand, may steal the pioneering title by coming up with a foldable handset within November this year.

Huawei is on the race by the help of LG who are providing the former with a bendy screen. Of course there’s an official announcement required for confirmation. Simultaneously, it’s true that an announcement alone doesn’t mean it’ll have a release soon. So, we still have to wait and keep a tab on things.

Huawei’s version is dubbed to be of inward folding variety. It is difficult to master the outward type, and even Samsung has faced the same.

Huawei is likely to announce an engineering sample or a working prototype, and would want to understand consumer acceptance before going for a mass production. This all might just happen by the coming fall!

Apple is another leading player in the market and has been receiving foldable display prototypes from (again) LG!

Check back again with us to get the next update on the foldable mobile-race in the market.

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