To handle the privacy and security issues conveniently for past several months WhatsApp had been working on their app. The new WhatsApp vCard feature that we are talking about allows the users to quickly identify new and unknown contacts. As of now, this feature can be only availed in Android platform.

Whenever a person within your contact list sends a vCard in a chat, WhatsApp automatically saves it so that it can be the useful information and can be reused again when needed. All the details of the contact will be saved within the vCard itself.

To get a hands-on experience of this feature, the latest version of WhatsApp which is 2.18.116 Android Beta needs to be downloaded from Google Play Store. As we have discussed earlier the Android users will be getting this update from today onwards, we have not got any details when the iOS will hit the market.

Along with the addition of WhatsApp vCard feature, it also has fixed some bugs which were troubling the users in the previous versions of the app. Like, in the older version words like “TODAY” and “YESTERDAY” were appearing in terms of ASCII code. Though the older glitches have been taken care of, users have started complaining about a new issue. As per them except for the two words “YESTERDAY” and “TODAY,” all the words are appearing in English though the default language of the app is something else.