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4 Best home office ideas for bloggers

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Most bloggers usually work from home and many of them explore style-related topics and like to share their most beautiful and stylish secrets. This is why they also decorate their offices in accordance with what they advise their readers, and we can all find inspiration in their gorgeous working corners.

They don’t have a classic nine-to-five job, but they do have the luxury to work in the environment they created themselves, which is why their offices are the best inspiration. These home-based entrepreneurs often share their secrets to help others create an inspirational home office where they can work with pleasure. However, don’t think that this means they’re not professional – on the contrary, productivity is crucial, so just follow these steps and create professional heaven for yourself.

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Location, location, location

This is the first and probably the most important step because it will affect a number of decisions you have to make later on. Being constantly interrupted by your roommates, family or spouse when you’re trying to write something can drive you crazy, which is why you need to find a quiet corner in your bedroom, living room or the kitchen where you can work in peace. For starters, you’ll need a table, a power outlet, some lighting and storage space for your laptop and notes.

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When this turns to be too small and not that practical anymore – by that time, your blog is going to start growing as well – think about turning a spare room into a proper home office.

Comfort is productive

You can be productive and do your best work only if you’re working in an environment that’s comfortable and provides you with everything you need. Start with your immediate surroundings and choose the best office furniture you can find: buying one of many high-quality chairs is a great way to start feeling comfortable and being more productive.

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Also, you can add a small sofa where you can relax and take a break, or just to read something you’re investigating for your next project. Investing in furniture can be expensive, but it’s the only way to feel comfortable and organized.

Be organized

Speaking of organizing, keep in mind that how you organize your desk has a serious effect on the amount of work you’ll be able to do in one day. Of course, the focal point needs to be your laptop, but that isn’t the only thing you need. A good lamp will come in handy when you’re working at night, but make sure it’s useful, practical, and visually attractive at the same time.

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There are lots of office supplies that will help you organize your desk and the tasks that need your attention. If there’s enough room, think about creating a small storage space where you can store the things you use every day, but also hide away the items you don’t want in your eyesight.

Add your personal style

Your office needs to be styled in accordance with your blog, and this coordination will play a major role when you’re searching for inspiration. If you’re a fashion blogger, boost your productivity with some décor and you’ll immediately be able to post some great pictures – just pick an interesting piece of clothing, some jewelry or even a designer handbag and take a picture.

Travel bloggers could hang the most picturesque sceneries from their travels on their walls and encourage their readers to find similar routes themselves. When it comes to interior design bloggers, their home office ideas need to be creative, functional, and full of smart gadgets that utilize every corner of the space. Many people like to turn to them for advice on how to style their own home office, so their working space needs to implement different styles and trends.

Working from home can be stressful and sometimes even exhausting because not everyone can keep their focus on work all day long. The main advantage, however, is spending time in a familiar environment and being able to make your own schedule. It’s hard to balance everything, but a personalized home office is much better than boring offices and cubicles many companies offer. Being able to decorate your workspace is a bonus that many people would like to have and having an awesome style is definitely something worth bragging about.