Amazon launched a lite Internet browser app for users in India who require fast internet but aren’t able to get that. The browser is titled: ‘Internet: fast, lite, and private’ and is currently available on Google Play Store in India for Android users.

There is no iOS version of the app yet. Also, reports suggest that the app was launched discreetly, and was released last month on Play Store. Another fact that might make people wonder is if Amazon is having its own web browser that offers private browsing in Kindle Lite and the fact that it comes with added features.

Now, the app is meant for the devices with less RAM and storage, alongside slow connectivity in the concerned country. The tech company describes it as ‘lighter than the competition.’ The Amazon Internet app is having a size of only 2.4 MB and is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop (and of course above).

As far as compatibility is concerned, select models from certain smartphone brands will be able to see the app run. The likes of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Honor 9 Lite, Oppo A83 and several more do not have compatibility with Amazon’s new browser.

Selective compatibility and discreet launching have kept the current download rate of the app at about a few hundreds only, let alone reach a thousand-mark.

Considering the element of appeal, the web browser isn’t just to pull users for its ‘lite’ factor. It as well offers private browsing, where it doesn’t ask for extra permissions. According to Amazon, browsed data on private tabs won’t be tracked or collected, for it isn’t recorded on the device.

Amazon said that it will notify users regarding new features and updates.