WhatsApp recently has been on a spree to develop features for its Groups. There are several new tools provided to admins to improve their experience. This time around, the members get to have a call.

This new feature present in Group Info allows all members to demote an admin and not remove them from the group. Admins, on the other hand, do not get to benefit from the feature despite visibility. An admin tapping on it pops up a message: ‘You can’t dismiss [first name] as admin because they created this group.’ Interestingly, members don’t get to see the popup but act directly.

The feature started rolling out today, April 18 across iOS and Android devices and even for WhatsApp Web. The iOS users should have the 2.18.41 update of the app, and Android users must have the 2.18.116 Android Web update. These are available in app stores of the respective operating systems, and on the official website of WhatsApp.

This new tool takes care of the previous tediousness where an admin had to be removed from the group in order for them to be demoted. Not anymore!

It’s been hinted that several new features will be arriving after May 6. So, stay with us to receive further updates of WhatsApp and other social media.