Some latest reports suggest that Apple has started working on iOS 12 as well as macOS 10.14. Both the testing and development process is being carried out in full swing. As per the reports, visits from iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 machines went up significantly within this week. Engineers of Apple have this tendency to check various sites in order to test out internal seeds by using devices running pre-release firmware and operating systems.

Before the release of each OS Apple conducts this type of assessments. The main motivation behind this is to figure out which type of engineering and design resources should be suitable for the flagship software operating systems, which are scheduled to release in upcoming years. Because of this, this new firmware identifiers keeps popping up in the log section of such sites. The number of devices becomes hundreds as it comes close to the month of March. The same old protocol has been kept repeating in this year also.

Apple Working iOS 12 macOS 10.14
Talking about both the operating systems, the practice of iOS 12 is mainly done from the iPhone X with 5.8-inch screen whereas the secondary device is iPad. All these accesses have been done from cities like Cupertino, San Francisco. Surprisingly, above all Shanghai became the top city with maximum access.

It is to be noted that these tests, we were talking about are not fixed within websites, Apple also has some apps on their bucket list for this purpose. Some developers of top apps also have attested the same. In order to stay away from the crashes within the app, usage of special code paths in UIkit and Appkit can be seen frequently.

On the very first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference which is to be held on 5th June, the first look of the OS will be revealed. However, the first beta 1 of iOS 12 is released to developers and for public use is expected around Middle of May.