Startups like Bird, Spin, and LimeBike since last year are deploying electric scooters with internet connectivity on the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Bird was spotted using Mi scooters, and Spin confirmed its collaboration with Xiaomi on production and customization of the former’s scooter fleet.

Xiaomi is well known for smartphones and wearables, although it produces other electric appliances and even sofas (!), under its brand Mi. A Bird scooter in San Francisco was noticed bearing the tag Mi Electric Scooter, albeit the startup refusing to confirm the same.

It was revealed that the scooter was made in Changzhou of China by Xiaomi’s subsidiary Ninebot that as well owns Segway. The product sticker reads a maximum speed of 15.5 miles an hour and a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. Bird via its online safety page says that the speed is 15 miles per hour. In its rental agreement, it states about riders requiring the weight not exceeding 200 pounds. An average American man weighs about 196 pounds.

A Mi scooter in China costs 1,999 Yuan or $320, and in the U.S. via Amazon, the price is about $500. Weighing just about 27 pounds, it can be connected wirelessly to apps via Bluetooth. It has a travel range of around 18 miles, that too ‘under specific conditions.’ Amazon’s product description states that the conditions entail a mild weather, load of about 165 pounds and a ‘flat road without strong winds.’

As far as Spin is concerned, they said that their scooters are certified by UL that’s the U.S. testing company setting safety standards for many consumer products.

LimeBike said that its scooters boar the Lime-S design and are built by third-party overseas. The design is common and can be found on Amazon under various manufacturers like Logisys, Haitral, Partu etc. The scooters are sold between $200 and $400. Despite no confirmation of UL certification surfacing yet, LimeBike deployed more than 35,000 bikes and scooters across the U.S. since June 2017.

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