Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 11,591,304
    Confirmed: 11,591,304
    Active: 4,498,035
    Recovered: 6,555,833
    Death: 537,436
  • USA 2,985,490
    Confirmed: 2,985,490
    Active: 1,563,069
    Recovered: 1,289,811
    Death: 132,610
  • Brazil 1,604,585
    Confirmed: 1,604,585
    Active: 561,070
    Recovered: 978,615
    Death: 64,900
  • India 700,724
    Confirmed: 700,724
    Active: 255,442
    Recovered: 425,568
    Death: 19,714
  • Russia 687,862
    Confirmed: 687,862
    Active: 223,237
    Recovered: 454,329
    Death: 10,296
  • Peru 302,718
    Confirmed: 302,718
    Active: 98,172
    Recovered: 193,957
    Death: 10,589
  • Spain 297,625
    Confirmed: 297,625
    Active: 269,240
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,385
  • Chile 295,532
    Confirmed: 295,532
    Active: 28,192
    Recovered: 261,032
    Death: 6,308
  • UK 285,416
    Confirmed: 285,416
    Active: 241,196
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,220
  • Mexico 256,848
    Confirmed: 256,848
    Active: 70,605
    Recovered: 155,604
    Death: 30,639
  • Iran 243,051
    Confirmed: 243,051
    Active: 27,237
    Recovered: 204,083
    Death: 11,731
  • Italy 241,611
    Confirmed: 241,611
    Active: 14,642
    Recovered: 192,108
    Death: 34,861
  • Pakistan 231,818
    Confirmed: 231,818
    Active: 95,407
    Recovered: 131,649
    Death: 4,762
  • Saudi Arabia 209,509
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 209,509
    Active: 62,357
    Recovered: 145,236
    Death: 1,916
  • Turkey 205,758
    Confirmed: 205,758
    Active: 19,853
    Recovered: 180,680
    Death: 5,225
  • Germany 197,633
    Confirmed: 197,633
    Active: 6,347
    Recovered: 182,200
    Death: 9,086
  • South Africa 196,750
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 196,750
    Active: 100,236
    Recovered: 93,315
    Death: 3,199
  • France 166,960
    Confirmed: 166,960
    Active: 60,007
    Recovered: 77,060
    Death: 29,893
  • Bangladesh 165,618
    Confirmed: 165,618
    Active: 87,373
    Recovered: 76,149
    Death: 2,096
  • Canada 105,536
    Confirmed: 105,536
    Active: 27,613
    Recovered: 69,239
    Death: 8,684
  • China 83,557
    Confirmed: 83,557
    Active: 405
    Recovered: 78,518
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,621
    Confirmed: 50,621
    Active: 44,494
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,127
  • S. Korea 13,137
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,137
    Active: 1,005
    Recovered: 11,848
    Death: 284
  • Australia 8,586
    Confirmed: 8,586
    Active: 1,060
    Recovered: 7,420
    Death: 106
  • New Zealand 1,534
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,534
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,490
    Death: 22

Google co-sponsors Citrix to simplify apps, desktops, and devices

Author at TechGenyz Google
Google Citrix Webinar
Credit: Google
With this fast ever-increasing technical growth many companies and organizations have found the necessity to expand the fleet of mobile phones so that employees can work on the go. This will increase the fluidity and productivity in work as employees can work anywhere and anytime they want to work. Several types of research show that when employees have work mobility they bring out more productivity. According to report, with such facility, employee mobility increases up to 30 percent and productivity to 23 percent. There are also few challenges to be faced by these companies to let its employees work with portability. The question of security has always been an issue. They are required to provide secure and safe mobile endpoints with access to certain legacy line-of-business or Windows apps. Hence to curb this problem Google marked its partnership with Citrix to bring XenApp and XenDesktop to Chrome Enterprise, last year. Google Citrix Google along with Citrix worked very hard after bringing XenApp and XenDesktop to Chrome Enterprise to help the business world to reach out Google cloud. Since last month, Google enabled admins to manage Chromebooks through several popular enterprise mobility management (EMM) tools, including Citrix XenMobile. Even at HIMSS, it took up the combination of Citrix and HealthCast on Chrome Enterprise in order to help the healthcare workers access electronic health records and virtualized apps securely on Chrome OS using their proximity badge. Todd Terbeek of Citrix shared his experiences transitioning to Chrome Enterprise. Even the Chief Security Strategist, Kurt Roemer discussed how the combination of Citrix with Chrome can maintain security, privacy, and compliance. Even conferences and seminars rather webinars are being held to make this system more updated and user-friendly. With other features in mind, this collaboration is highlighting its security benefits for critical technological work of the business. This is the topic of an IDG webinar that Google Chrome is co-sponsoring with Citrix. The Google Citrix webinar session called “Chrome OS & Citrix: Simplify endpoint management and VDI strategy” includes IDG CSO SVP/Publisher Bob Bragdon, Chrome Enterprise Group Product Manager Eve Phillips, and Citrix Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer as speakers, and addresses how Citrix and Chrome enable access to mission-critical business apps and create a productive workforce inside or outside corporate infrastructure. A variety of issues will be discussed in the IDG webinar on Chrome and Citrix, with the highlights being, the way-
  • Chrome and Citrix can ensure secure access to critical enterprise apps.
  • Employees can be more productive through access to legacy apps in VDI.
  • Citrix XenApp (XA) and XenDesktop (XD) integrate with Chrome OS.
  • Citrix’s upcoming product launches and enhancements with Chrome, GCP and G Suite can help enterprise IT teams and end users.
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