President Xi Becomes More Firm on China’s Control Over Internet

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The latest report published by Xinhua, the state news agency, says that in order to assure social and economic targets in a broader manner, China needs to tighten up its grip on the internet. The thoughts of such words are coming straight from the President of China Xi Jinping who wants to make sure that the attitude towards online content becomes more strong.

As per Xi, “Without web security there’s no national security, there’s no economic and social stability, and it’s difficult to ensure the interests of the broader masses,”

This clearly shows how serious he is when it comes to the security of the country.

We cannot let the internet become a platform for disseminating harmful information and stirring up trouble with rumors. – Xi Jinping, President, China

At the starting of this week, the United States put a ban on ZTE for seven consecutive years. ZTE, the Chinese multinational equipment and systems company, was alleged to ship products to Iran and North Korea without any proper legal documentation.

Last year a drive was carried out by China’s regulators to sweep away media content. Hence, the content makers and distributors are clearly not satisfied with it. The ban on ZTE previously mentioned may bring existential crisis, assuming the company itself. In the words of Xinhua, the ZTE matter had “triggered a heated debate” in China about advanced technology.

The deputy industry minister of the country Luo Wen, expressed his disappointment over the country’s progression due to the lack of extraordinary minds. “Our advanced manufacturing development faces the risk of being boxed in at the low-end”.

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