Google announced the job search experience at I/O 2017, which is a company-wide initiative to connect job-seekers and employers. Now, the company has brought the job search specifically for India in order to connect Indians to ‘numerous opportunities across the country.’

Google is providing in-depth results to your searches related to jobs. The company is working with various organizations from the industry to provide a comprehensive job listing. These organizations include IBM Talent Management Solutions, QuikrJobs, LinkedIn, TimesJobs and more.

The job search on Google presently possesses more than a million of listings ‘across job types and industries from over ninety thousand employers in the country.’ This means that you can now get detailed info on each job to understand if it matches your profile or requirement. You’ll have access to info regarding job title, location, whether it’s internship or part-time or full-time, and more. Google will constantly add further relevant filters and information over time.

Users are as well able to save job listings and even enable alerts for job searches. The alerts will get you email updates of the related listings. This is useful as it keeps you in the loop so that you don’t miss ideal opportunities.

Google made another arrangement to ensure that more jobs are listed over time. This new arrangement is called ‘open documentation’ that has been published for all third-party job search platforms and direct employers to make their job openings discoverable in Google’s new job search experience. India has about 51 million SMBs creating over 110 million jobs annually, and now they can surface their jobs ‘contextually and to a large pool of relevant job seekers.’

The new Google India jobs search experience will be available in English on the Search app on iOS and Android. The experience is inspirational in the context that it opens up space for the job seekers to find a job of their dreams, not just for the sake of earning money and feeding stomachs, but as well for leading life with making their passions converted to professions!

Come back here to share your experience on Google’s job search. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for treats after you land a new job!

Stay put to know more about Google’s doing.

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