HTC announced yesterday that its newly upgraded VR kit, the HTC Vive Pro 2.0. It comes off with a brand new Vive Pro HMD VR headset. Sales have started since yesterday, and the price set is 162,880 Yen (tax excluded) or $1,399.

The VR set has two base stations 2.0 and two bundled controllers. HTC plans to sell the base stations 2.0 separately for additional installation. While it now tracks the room scale of 6m x 6m, the additional installation will get it to track a wider 10m x 10m. Sales details, like time and price, are yet unknown.

It is important to note that the base station 2.0 will not be compatible with the Vive Consumer Edition and Business Edition that are currently on sale.

On return to the HTC, it sports a dual organic EL display offering 2,880 x 1,600 pixels. It is 78% more pixels than the model’s predecessor Vive Pro. The new model will pack high-performance headphones that have a built-in amplifier providing realistic presence and sound via noise cancellation.

Improved graphics and audio ensure clearer and more immersive VR experience. The design has been revamped, and the head strap has been improved on weight balance. Additionally, gamers with glasses now have easy buttons to adjust.

Daniel O’Brien, GM at North American division of HTC Vive said that the VR headset was designed specifically for corporate usage based on feedback from customers. It has a software of IT managers for tracking and managing ‘multiple Vive headsets behind corporate firewalls.’ If connected with two additional base stations, Vive Pro 2.0 can even track the movements of a person within a 33-foot by 33-foot area.

Vive Pro HMD, an upgraded kit, and Vive Pro Advantage Pack will be released in the coming spring for providing warranty on commercial use and more corporate support. Relevant details will be disclosed soon.