Echo Arena Lobby 2.0 is scheduled to get launched today, by Ready At Dawn. Apart from an overall larger space, a dedicated quarter-court Echo Arena practice area and new lobby music, Lobby 2.0 features single-player private matches, open to everyone.

While using the space to practice the skills the user can activate personal training discs in the practice area of the lobby as well. It can be done in private matches before the games start. The button on the Arm Computer provides the opportunity to recall it to the user’s hand for another throw.

Other players aren’t allowed to see or interact with the user’s personal disc. So the user can feel safe to practice contents from the heart. One of the most exciting parts of the update is reported to be still under construction.

More details are expected to be revealed on Echo Combat, in near future. The Echo Games universe with the Echo Arena and Lone Echo on Rift has become quite popular these days. Ready At Dawn’s Medium post has already been made available on Echo Arena Lobby 2.0 and it boasts of a much-improved detail.