Elon Musk’s next project is apparently A Cyborg Dragon

Elon Musk Projects

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Elon Musk, with his history of juggling multiple projects between companies like the SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, has now his sights set on creating a Cyborg Dragon.

Impossible as it may sound, Musk’s casual tweet ran on this Wednesday afternoon.

With no other details, that one tweet has enough excitement amongst the people to spawn comments and retweets across the globe. Some responded with Game of Thrones jokes, some put forward the disturbing idea that a “cyborg” dragon must have a living element to it and there were speculations on whether Musk’s new flamethrower will be used as part of the endeavor.


While creating a Cyborg Dragon sounds a lot like a science fiction, especially with this casual announcement made via Twitter. However, Musk is known to previously have used this method to generate curiosity, before actually delivering what he promised.

Once before he had announced on Twitter that flamethrowers would be sold by him, after the sale of 50,000 hats. When the time came, a $600 flamethrower indeed began getting sold on The Boring Company’s website. Originally believed to be a Twitter joke, did ultimately cull millions in flamethrower sales.

Elon Musk’s next project is apparently A Cyborg Dragon