Facebook has announced three new tools to enhance the impact of its fundraisers. The social media platform observed the global communities that care for and support causes, be it medical or school supplies or anything else. This is a part of the company’s efforts to provide more space in its platform so that humanity goes on being ideally more fruitful.

Firstly, you can now pledge for ‘matching donations to your fundraisers.’ The aim is to not just meet but as well exceed fundraising goals via this tool. It is the first of its kind in online fundraising. The availability started with the U.S., and Facebook says that this ‘will soon expand internationally.’

Secondly, the company is coming up with new categories for fundraisers to support personal causes. This will help people raise funds for social welfare causes across faith, family, travel, and volunteering. These come to side with the existing categories like community projects, personal emergency, education, crisis relief, medical, memorial/loss, sports and pets/animals.


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Among the new categories, faith represents personal missions or religious community events. In case of family, the likes of adoption or new baby supplies are considered. Travel covers educational trips or travels for medical needs. Volunteering in programs is another social cause that can be supported by fundraisers.

Last but not the least, The platform will be eliminating platform fee for all Facebook fundraisers for personal causes, which will maximize support, as the company envisions. This includes a mere fee charged for applicable taxes and payment processing.

Many people around the world are always in need of financial help for different reasons, ranging from medical emergency to a personal cause for societal welfare. It is always inspiring to see people using the platform provided by Facebook in their process to give something good back to the world, to the nature they belong to. The three new Facebook fundraising tools are quite complementary to the helpful and caring global communities, thusly accompanying the evolutionary necessity of progress, and making the society a better place to live in with harmony for the upcoming generations.

Source: Facebook