A new digital assistant app Hal can be your everyday personal assistant, and it’s not a machine. We, in our everyday life, are much relied on digital assistance but, are the responses always that helpful? AI is getting better, but as according to Hal’s website “why try to turn a computer into a human when there’s a lot of us out there?”

AI assistant like Siri and Alexa have their ways to go yet. Even Google assistant fails to match the brains of a resident of a place for insider knowledge. And it is undeniable that some tasks cannot be accomplished without a human help or live human assistance. And so is the solution that combines both digital and live human in a single app called Hal.

“You pay for movies, apps, and music when you could have them for free. Why not pay for an around the clock personal assistant who gives you refined human curated web content for everything?” Hal’s full-time monthly wage is $7.99 which is an absolute steal for its users.

Any question about someone or something, Hal will have it answered. Questions like, “Hal I want to go to a nice beach or send me a good rated pizza tonight or why is the sky blue?” and everything one could possibly think of. Hal will pose these questions to a vast network of real, human contributors and answers will be delivered back to you.

Hal will not know the users personally nor will the users know who their personal Hal is. Every time a random personal Hal will be assigned to you for every random question you ask.

You take the live action of Hal which is now available on iOS, and the company is planning to bring the Android version in coming days.